• The New York Times (1) -
    "There is one thing you will certainly not want, and that is to leave."
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  • The New York Times (2) -
    "The 10 Best Values for Your Tastebuds."
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  • The Star Ledger-
    "The wait staff at this sophisticated BYO is clearly trained to help you connect the dots between New Jersey and Ethiopia."
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  • NJ Monthly -
    "Communal meals are the heartbeat of Ethiopian culture, and injeragrilled sourdough pancakes made from a tiny grain called teffis its lifeblood. Injera serves as plate and, torn into pieces, as fork and spoon for the slow-cooked stews central to Ethiopian cuisine."
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  • Hot From The Kettle -
    "There's an intangible warmth at Mesob that resonates beyond food science." By Melody Kettle.
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  • Montclair Times -
    'For two sisters in Ethiopian family of 10, feeding a crowd comes naturally." By ERIC LEVIN.
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  • Online Reviews -
    From,, and Montclair
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  • Edible Exit -
    "A modern yet welcoming design aesthetic and Ethiopian cultural art set the stage for exotic regional cuisine."
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Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant
515 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, New Jersey

(973) 655-9000